Anna Pearce

Co-Founder, Core Devisor

“Anna’s work centres around movement and the physical body’s lived experience. She is constantly curious about the human condition and seeks to explore and understand our world and relationships to one another, through movement. As a founding member of Bittersuite, Anna works as a core devisor for the company. Her Bittersuite journey began with the co-creation of our first sensory concert, Debussy, in 2013. 

Elsewhere, Anna works as a movement teacher, working with the Pilates method among others, to encourage a challenging and exploratory experience of one’s moving body. Anna is passionate about accessibility, and her time working with Stopgap Dance Company both in the Uk and abroad continues to inform her practice of accessibility of language, movement and experience for all. “


Sensory Score, Tapestries. Sensory Moments, Held, Self,


Croydon Youth, Sense workshops, Birmingham MAC school