Sarah McCartney


Sarah McCartney first worked with BitterSuite creating scents for Debussy, 2014 and also made fragrances for Sensory Score, Tapestries, Held and Bodies Tilted.

In the past Sarah ran events for the Guardian and Observer newspapers, then worked as a copywriter and in training, helping people to write more clearly at work.

In 2010 she wrote a novel about a perfumer and decided to learn how to create the fragrances she had invented for the story. The scents took over, and in 2011 she founded her artisan perfumery, 4160Tuesdays.

Now Sarah handmakes adventurous scents for her own fragrance brands and for organisations including the Courtauld, Google and the ALSO festival of ideas.

She also teaches people how to make their own perfume and in 2019 set up a scent school, Scenthusiasm, to share affordable live and online classes.

She is qualified to teach yoga and to ship dangerous goods, and enjoys making clothes, playing music, exploring cities and helping people who are lost on the London Underground.

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