Stephanie Kelley

Associate Artist

Steph is a trained Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher and loves to dance. She brings depth, clarity and specialism in touch. 

Currently working with people affected by brain injury at Headway East London, Steph brings knowledge in working with complex needs and accessibility. She recently created a Sensory Tour for Headway’s Differently Various exhibition at The Barbican. 

The first BitterSuite piece she worked on was Sensory Score in 2015. 

BitterSuite performances:

Sensory Score at Future Fest, The Roundhouse and Wilderness Festival, Debussy at the Arnolfini, Tapestries at The Royal Opera House and Richmix, Sensory Moments at Wilderness Festival, Sensory experience for Vivo Barefoot at Wilderness Festival, Bodies Tilted at The Southbank Centre and Wilderness Festival

Outreach projects: Heart n Soul, Institute of Imagination residency, Headway East London sensory workshops during the COVID 19 lock down