Stephanie Singer

Creative Director

Stephanie is a British composer and creative director. She founded BitterSuite, whose work has featured at The Royal Opera House, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Gulbenkian, The Science Gallery, Midlands Art Centre, Rich Mix, Roundhouse, Nesta, Bristol Arnolfini, TedX and Wilderness Festival. She founded the festvial Open Senses. She has led on the creative direction of the company since its conception in 2014 creating and holding the incredible teams together towards delivering and creating the concerts DEBUSSY, SENSORY SCORE, TAPESTRIES, HELD, BODIES TITLED. She has also developed and overseen the workshop/outreach models alongside the team.

Stephanie is a synestheste and passionate advoacte creativity through collaboration. BitterSuite is a pure expression of what is possible through multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Stephanie is a composer and you can find out more about her freelance work here –