Experience Box

Experience arrives in a Journey Box to your home


This page chronicles the 2020 version of HELD. Click here for the new, digital version.

HELD, our multi-sensory concert in a box

Boxes were distributed across the UK by Gulbenkian, Rich Mix, Wiltshire Creative and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

A journey for your imagination

Open the box and step inside.

Climb into the eye of your imagination and let us transport you somewhere new. What can you hear? What do you feel? What can you smell? What can you taste?

HELD is a multi-sensory experience of new music specifically designed to take you on a journey within your own home, physically and imaginatively.

To begin with you will receive a Journey Box containing a login to an online portal, make sure you sign in to begin your experience and gather the directions you will need for your voyage.

We look forward to travelling with you.

HELD was commissioned by Gulbenkian, Midland Arts Centre, Rich Mix, Concordia University and Future Arts Centres and is delivered with the generous support from ACE. Delivered with additional venue partners Wiltshire Creative and Artfelt at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Who made it?

Youth Testers

Ajay, Erin, Joseph, Leo, Luca, Polly, Sapphi and Willow


Eleni Kyraciou (Creative Producer)
Marah Stafford (Creative producer)
Lucy Atkinson (Executive Producer)

Music Production

Chris Timpson
John Hendicott


Linz Nakorn
Alice Phelps

Microsite Designer and Developer

Nicholas Hart


Rachel McCall


Clare Jonas

Creative Team

Stephanie Singer (Director)
Ashraf Ejjbair (Lead Writer)
Anna Pearce (Devisor)
Eileih Muir (Devisor)

Box Design

Freyja Sewell


Adam Thomason


Sarah McCartney for 4160 Tuesdays


Maria Medem


Stephanie Singer (Lead Composer)
Alice Phelps (Composer and Arranger)
Johnny Chung (Composer and Arranger)
Phaedra Ensemble (Strings)
Phillip Grannel (Arranger)
Jamie Hamilton (Arranger)

HELD illustration by Maria Medem
HELD illustration by Maria Medem

Youth Testers

We met once every three weeks from the beginning of lockdown over Zoom. Together we devised and created lots of different materials that inspired and led to the creation of the HELD experience.

We spent time listening to music, we made pictures, videos, dens and other things inspired by it. Below are our self-portraits to show you a little bit about us.

HELD Participation

Our facilitators Linzy Na Nakorn and Alice Phelps ran a participation programme with residents of Mild May care home and local young people. In addition created a multi-sensory workshop programme for Sense UK and ran a session with members from Headway.

The focus was ‘What does it mean to be held in the era of isolation?’

Email info@bittersuite.org to take part in a HELD workshop.

Photos of Mild May Care Home residents participating in a BitterSuite HELD workshop on Zoom.
Mild May Care Home residents participating in a BitterSuite HELD workshop on Zoom

Would you like to experience HELD?

This year, we're making the HELD experience available to purchase online.

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