The Many

Mild May Care Home


A collaborative project between BitterSuite, The Museum of London and Mild May Care Home, The Many is a community project exploring intergenerational voices on the theme of connectivity and what it means to be held.

Inspired as a response to the government’s annually published Loneliness Report, The Many looks to respond through creative interventions and actions that combat the affects of loneliness in the groups that are most affected.

How do we hold, how do we feel held? What is community? How do we experience being held, physically, emotionally and politically? What uplifts us? Is holding listening? How do we hold ourselves?

Meeting weekly with residents at Mild May Care Home, movement facilitator Linzy Na Nakorn and musician Alice Phelps explored with the group through creative play, soundscape making, movement making and tactile exploration what it means for us to hold one another.

The creative outcomes of which, can be found here, in an ongoing portfolio.

*This project has been suspended in physical form due to the nationwide response to the current Corvid-19 outbreak. We see the importance of continuing our engagement within these isolating times and are working with residents remotely to continue the communities explorations and keep our intergenerational conversations going. Being alone does not have to mean being lonely!

We also invite audiences to creatively respond to the themes of loneliness, connectivity and holding. Check out the portfolio to see how you can get involved!

Children and elderly people touching hands in BitterSuite's The Many
Intergenerational Connectivity, photographed by Kristian Buus