Dream Feel

Dream Feel
Created by BitterSuite, Yasmin Nicholas and musicians from the RPO.

Dream Feel is a 15 minute filmic & music experience, immersing audiences in a score combining three composers. The live auditory experience will move around the audience in conjunction with visuals designed for projection. 

Inspired by the collective sensations of suspension, shifting foundations and the uncanny, Dream Feel is a collaborative exploration of the experience of dreaming. 

Audiences lie back, look up and experience a moment of suspension. We have commissioned Yasmin Nicholas – an exciting, young visual artist from Brent – to create an original work that will evoke a dreamscape with particular touches of local and personal imagery. The resulting films will be projected above, in conjunction with the RPO’s live performance. 

BitterSuite is focused on inviting audiences into a sensory landscape, bringing the qualities of dreams into their waking sphere. 

Musical programme:

Arvo Part – Fratres (strings & percussion)

Terry Riley – Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector

Phillip Glass – Quartet no.3 Mishima

Creative directors

Ashraf Ejjbair

Stephanie Singer


Film-maker & lead artist

Yasmin Nicholas



Greg Orrom Swan

Yasmin was commisioned to create a 15minute evocative film to be projected 360 across a geodisic fome as inspired by our key question, how do dreams feel?

We are taking the broad narrative of a single night’s dream. This underpins the structure of the performance touching on qualities like circularity, uncanniness & the safety of falling asleep.

With the RPO we have uncovered a musical world that is transporting and varied. We will work with 8 musicians in total forming two separate quartets. In addition, we are interested to collaborate and explore how a percussionist may add an additional texture to the mix.

Our concept is to merge the visual & aural worlds to form one entire experience. Through rehearsals, we will explore how Nicholas’ developing work and the RPO’s arrangement can inspire and impact each other.

Building on a theatrical structure we will be working in three acts, bookending the experience with a prologue & epilogue. In between each act there will be a short drone as inspired by Riley. The theatricality will be enhanced by the projection of the films & the inclusion of scents as sourced from local vendors.



Act 1: Settling   Arvo Part

Act 2: Shifting    Terry Riley

Act 3: Broadening     Philip Glass