Institute of Imagination

Why talk about stravinsky when you can use it to ignite the imagination?

Over a period of two and a half months we delivered 14 events inclusive of workshops, and interactive performances for young people, adults, educators, artists, schools, home schools, SEN groups and families. Each workshop explored imaginative responses and empathy through the mediums of sound, improvisation, narrative, devising, making, crafting, drawing and feeling.

As a result of our schools and family events we produced a soundscape with Jazlyn Pinckney that incorporated the voices of young people from across these groups and their responses to the music. This soundscape lives on in a Listening Pod designed by Freyja Sewell so others can continue to explore and experience it. Finally, the residency culminated in a devised participatory performance co-created and inspired by 1000+ young people from across our workshops entitled ‘Iow The Flowing Bird’ inclusive of gemmed treasure hunts, pools of anger, waves of emotion and fire igniting feathers! Phew!

Creative leads & facilitators

Linz Nakorn & Stephanie Singer



Stephanie Kelley, Anna Pearce, Ashraf Ejjbair, Marah Stafford, Freyja Sewell and Johnny Chung