Immerse yourself in BitterSuite’s new audio experience: SELF. With words by Kayo Chingonyi, and experience directed by Anna Pearce take a deep dive into the many SELF’s that make you, you.

There are over seven billion people in the world. And only one of you! Who are you? Who have you been, and who will you go on to be? 

Join multi-sensory performance company Bittersuite for a deep dive into yourSELF; a guided meander through a pathway of your choosing; an opportunity to zoom right in to the tiniest details of existence, and way out to the vastness that holds us.

SELF is an all encompassing participatory experience for you and your friends & family, that takes you on a journey into yourSELF. A soundtrack of voices will guide you on a playful discovery of all of the many SELFs that make you, you.

SELF is episode one on a three part audio journey called HUMAN FUTURES. It was co-created with the voices, ideas and creativity of young people at Hillstone Primary School.

Poet & Writer

Kayo Chingonyi


Choreographer & Director

Anna Pearce


Creative director

Stephanie Singer