Sensory Score

A tantalising and joyous sensory journey designed to enhance an original score by Auclair.

Auclair’s kaleidoscopic and textured score brings electronic instruments together with string ensemble – The Phaedra Ensemble. She mixes pre-written parts with live and conducted improvisation. And whilst Auclair’s music unfolds around you, you will blindfolded and treated to a one-to-one tactile experience choreographed by BitterSuite, including bespoke tastes by gourmet chef Adam Thomason and original perfumes by Sarah McCartney. All the senses working in unity to deepen the experience of each moment of Auclair’s music. This is whole body listening.

Originally commissioned for Nesta’s Future Fest come along for the final set of performances that will envelope and encompass you within the sensory world of Auclair’s sound.

Bees, wabi-sabi and collective joy

This piece was inpsired to bring together the classical string trio with electronica composer Auclair. The score is directly inspired by the natural world – hives, bees, swarms and the breauty of collective joy. Created for a festival Sensory Score celebrates what is possible with many. With choreography defined by play, imagination, surprise and collectivity the piece envelopes the audience within fun, warmth and joy.

Creative Team
Director, Stephanie Singer
Lead writer, Ashraf Ejjbair
Devisors, Anna Pearce, Eileih Muir

Lead composer, Tanya Auclair
Strings, Phaedra Ensemble
Arranger Eugene Feygelson

Assistant Production
Linz Nakorn

Freyja Sewell

Adam Thomason

Sarah McCartney

The Sensory Score was far and away the highlight of FutureFest. Dozens of attendees have commented to me on how magical an experience was, whether they were sat blindfolded in a chair or experiencing it from afar. Thank you for being such a stellar, inspired, professional group to collaborate with!

Josh McNorton – Future Fest


We are thrilled to welcome back BitterSuite to Wilderness this summer. Their work encapsulates our love for the challenging, the unique and the unusual

Emma Purvis, Wilderness Festival, Senior Arts and Culture Programmer