Vault Masterclasses

Vault Festival 2017 presents the BitterSuite masterclasses. Each of our senses work in unity to percieve the world within and around us. For the first time BitterSuite open up our unique multi-sensory appraoch to devising that push our creative thinking and develop new pathways to create new performance.

We developed four workshops

A creative session led by Stephanie Singer investigating and sharing the key workshop techniques the company use to develop their signature work.

A workshop led by Linz Nakorn & Natalia Sloth Richter sharing and investigating the bodies physical realationship to the world around and within us

A practical perfume session led by Sarah McCartney, the BitterSuite perfumer, and founder of her own perfume company 4160 Tuesdays investigating the relationship between smell & taste.

A session led by the National Chef of the year, head of the winning team representing the UK in the culinary olympics and BitterSuite Chef – Adam Thomason, investigating the relationship between sound & taste.